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What are the important differences between a Home Condition Survey and the regular surveys made by banks and building societies?

Firstly the HCS is written in plain English, with no confusing technical terms.

The survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor who is trained in domestic buildings and their problems.

Public Liability insurance cover is held by the certification scheme and not the individual surveyor and therefore is always current.

The survey covers the inside and outside condition of the fabric of the building, the state of the buildings services and reports on the structure of the whole property. A simple coding of 1, 2, 3. is used throughout :

1. Being no action required (nothing wrong).
2. Some defects but not considered dangerous or detrimental at this point in time.
3. Requires further investigation or is dangerous.

In Addition

  • All defects found will be accompanied by a photograph of that defect.
  • The survey is carried out within two days of contract and is sent out within two days of completion.
  • The survey is the property of the client not the surveyor.
  • After you receive your survey the surveyor will contact you by phone (after a short time lapse for you to read it) and go through the report with you so you can clarify any points you do not understand.
  • Prices start at around £300 –  depending upon the type of property.
  • Time on site 3-4 hours, could be longer.

Home Inspector Services

Click the image to see a sample report, that clearly illustrates the in depth value of a Home Condition Survey

A ‘normal’ buyers survey conducted for a lender will only be concerned with the valuation of the property – and will often miss many important structural defects that could cause major problems for the buyer in the future. With a ‘normal’ valuation survey the buyer will have no redress for any future issues.

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